Bento Monday
Bento Monday
80/110/590/150 Delivery only on mondays till 16:00
Mixed salad, mini roll with dorado, gui ramen, takoyaki. Green tea. ginger, wasabi, soy sauce
Bento Tuesday
Bento Tuesday
80/110/320/380 Delivery only on tuesdays till 16:00
Mixed salad, nigiri with salmon, tom yam, pad thai with perch. Green tea, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce
Bento Wednesday
Bento Wednesday
90/110/320/340 Delivery only on wednesdays till 16:00
Spring rolls with cream fraiche, mini roll with spicy tuna, soup with chicken and rice noodles, salmon teriyaki with rice and tamago. Green tea, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce
Bento Thursday
Bento Thursday
90/110/280/350 Delivery only on thursdays till 16:00
Mixed salad, mini roll with sea bass, soup with salmon and shrimp oil, donburi rice with pork char siu. Green tea, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce
Vegetarian Bento
Vegetarian Bento
855 g Delivery only from monday to thursday till 16:00
Veggie Tofu ,Vegetable spring rolls,Tan Tan spicy vegetable sesame Ramen, Gunkan with tofu and Chuka wakame, Jasmine green tea,Ginger, Wasabi, Soy Sauce
set nigiri 8 pc
set nigiri 8 pc
Salmon with avocado 2 pc
Thoro salmon with teriyaki sauce 2pc
Mentaiko Mayo Tuna 2pc
Dorado with truffle salt 2pc
set nigiri 16 pc
set nigiri 16 pc
Seabass with Umeboshi sauce 2pc
Salmon Mentaiko tobiko 2pc
Mackerel with wakame sauce 2pc
Salmon Thoro and Wasabi Kizami 2pc
Mentaiko Mayo Salmon 2pc
Avocado with tamarind sauce 2pc
Dorado with truffle salt 2pc
Dorado Yuzu Kosho 2pc

Set gunkan 8 pc
Set gunkan 8 pc
Dorado with truffle mayo 1pc
Dorado with tom yam sause 1pc
Tuna in spicy sause 1pc
Tuna with cashew sause 1pc
Mackerel with sumomono sause 1pc
Mackerel with quail yolk 1pc
Sea bass in maple syrup 1pc
Sea bass in spicy sause 1pc
2225 g
roll Philadelphia - 1
roll Picasso - 1
roll Sex and the City - 1
roll Green - 1
roll tataki Philadelphia with smoked pear - 1
smoked salmon roll with cream cheese - 1
roll Bonito - 1
roll Black Dragon - 1
roll Sunny - 1
Vegetarian set
Vegetarian set
425 g
Roll in rice paper with vegetables - 1
Mini roll with vegetables - 0,5
Mini roll with cucumber - 0,5
Pickled seaweed chuka - 2
SET № 1
SET № 1
645 g
roll Philadelphia - 0,5
roll Picasso - 0,5
salmon roll with cashew nuts - 0,5
roll Black - 0,5
mini roll with shrimp - 1
Set № 2
Set № 2
672 g
salmon roll with cheese - 1
roll Black Dragon - 0,5
smoked pear roll with shrimp -0,5
salmon - 1
tuna - 1
sea perch - 1
pickled seaweed chuka - 1
spicy salmon - 1
spicy shrimp - 1
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